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By designing and organizing a Creative Writing workshop I aimed at the creation of a field where homeless people would unlock their imagination and verbal expression in terms of externalizing their thoughts and at the same time, impel them to consider the way they wish to present themselves in the public sphere. One of the most significant aspects of the design was giving participants the opportunity to be the ones funneling the process and representing themselves as they would wish, without bringing into the writing development the concern for a predefined outcome.

My involvement with the homeless community and therefore my motivation fot this research, is strongly connected to a previous project done in collaboration with a homeless man -who later intoduced me to the charity where the workshops took place.

Myrna Marianovits

A phone recorded short documentary of our attempt with Graham to organise a lunch for homeless people around Aldgate square.
Filming and e ditting - Myrna (Mirna)
Poem writing and reciting- Graham