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@weathersharing is a platform I created on Instagram to collect and archive participants' reflection on the weather during self-isolation. I believe that social media can be used to archive joyful memories. I discussed with participants about the relationship between social media and memory.

Two people told me that they lost the photos on their phones. Social Media became a place where they can look for memories of the past.

One participant said “I find that every photo I post on social media reminds me about the emotions associated with the post, and the virtual reactions that were happening at that time. The comments and likes become part of the memory.”

Another participant mentioned how “the curated pictures posted on social networks are somewhat similar to how we selected pictures in the past, good photos would be selected, enlarged and framed”

Social media has many roles and consequences but it can also be used as a tool to promote positivity, happiness and archive memories. Social media platforms have become the main way for people to interact and communicate with each other. During times of self-isolation some people have limited time to interact with the outdoors. @weathersharing platform aims to share captured memories of the weather, emotions and environment. It is a platform for people to discuss a common topic of conversation, the weather. The weather is a common and resonating topic and can be utilized as a method of visual communication and discussion to connect people with each other.

Chenyu Jiang