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Shepherds Bush

Shepherds Bush market is an infamous market in London and has survived two world wars, a serious air raid disaster and closure threats.

The market originally opened in July 34rd, 1914. Shortly after, WWI broke out and the market was closed for the duration of the war years. The railway arches were used for billeting troops and stabling horses. The market reopened in 1919 and kept active until 1944. A devastating bomb completely demolished six shops as well as a number of stalls.

During the 1950s, the character of the market changed with the arrival of many immigrants in West London. The market gained popularity and traders quickly adapted businesses for new customers’ needs. 

In 1981, Shepards Bush was influenced by Middle Eastern cultures and businesses. The market became an active bazaar for sales, trades and bargains. Visitors often purchase merchandise in bulk and export/import products internationally.

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