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Lottie Brzozowski


This research questions how we access, interact with, express and share our own cultural heritage. Heritage embodies ideas of tradition, ritual, history and knowledge (AKA culture). Yet it's often determined and enforced by a higher power (museums, heritage bodies and government for instance) and often focuses on physical sites and objects which are granted status and protection as a result.

The intention for this research was to consider heritage as something more nuanced and personal by rejecting that which is imposed and seeking to re-establish our connection to our own heritages through experimental methodologies — such as collecting, walking, talking, cooking, sharing and eating. The research then manifested itself in a variety of forms from recipe books, writing, maps, transcripts and videos.

The research was approached as an exercise in thinking through doing. Instead of predetermining results and findings, it felt more important to follow instincts and go into each experiment ‘not knowing’. This resulted in a broad and expansive body of research which meandered and evolved along the way. Mind maps and self-reflection were key to connecting often quite disparate research and finding direction within the project.

The lack of a single overall conclusion to my research expresses a lot about the project. It communicates the importance of process and methodology within my practice — as well as the want for participation and voices from others to create authentic cultural expression and discourse. Culture is not fixed but rather always changing and evolving.

A further aspect to this research, beyond exploring methodologies, was concerned with how we can create connections and authentic, collective, cultural identities within a community as a result of sharing our heritage? How can the identity of a place be defined by social, local histories and heritages? These are the questions that will inform future research.