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Lifan Lai

How do certain occasions in modern society break people's perception of individual space?

For example, in crowded buses, subways and elevators, social distancing is often be broken due to crowded spaces. Therefore, people try to protect their personal space psychologically and physically. When we face congestion in elevators or public transportation, there are common traits that people default to. For example, avoidance behavior, we do not want to talk to anyone, even people we know; our eyes will avoid contact with other people's eyes; the more crowded people are, the less our body can move freely; in the elevator, you prefer to look at the moving floor numbers or your phone. We automatically start to find distractions such as fiddling with our hands or using our phones.

Covid-19 has raised new and alerting sense of awareness, people now pay more attention to the distance between people. Such changes are not temporary. In the future, the act of social distancing is going to last for a while. I attempt to express how people are more cautious and are paying more attention to protecting themselves and the psychological effects of the new age of social distancing.