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Jiazhen Cai

Many similarities between humans and clowns can be found through research and analysis. Let’s assume that people live in the community, just like being on the stage where the Pierrot plays. Through this scope we can observe how people have different faces and expressions in varying situations, but no one can recognise the actual emotion under those faces, not even ourselves. I reflected on the behaviour of people living with masks, secret identities, and unidentified appearances. Using hiding and decorating fronts, we end up wearing a mask just like a clown or Pierrot.

I developed this idea through different means and steps of research and finally created a narrative piece of moving imagery. I created an escaping man and a metaphorical storyline instead of just using the makeup of the clown.

The title of the project is Find The Man. The background idea is that everyone wears a mask and sometimes people might look almost the same. If we want to find a man among many people, we will never find him.