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Chieh Pai

I am working on a project called “A Comparison of Taiwanese and British Tea Culture.”

I would like to use illustration to share my tea experiences in London and Taiwan. I also conducted research about tea history and culture. There are many interesting stories in London and Taiwan, for example, an illustration book called Follow Soupy: Become a British a Day which includes afternoon tea time in Twinings, shares knowledge about British tea history and customs, and also includes an interview with the owner of Twinings in London.

I also looked at archives about Twinings’ and tea history in British culture. It was helpful to inform myself about the political history behind tea in the UK and enriched the research for my project.

During this term, RDP had a silent exhibition in March, it made me start to think about how to communicate my project without any words. It was interesting to share my ideas and opinions with images. After this exhibition, I gained a lot of ideas and different perspectives from the tutors and the audiences.

I conducted some interviews about the different experiences of tea from three Taiwanese that have been living in London for a few years and I created a series of works informed by their experiences.