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“He has known all the moods, he has moved in all the ways that life allows. He has lived as a sinner, he has lived as a saint, he is enriched by all experiences. When all the hairs of the head are white, a beauty comes to the face which can come only to an old man, never to a young man.

Young men can be beautiful as far as physique is concerned.

Shape, proportion, strength -- yes, young men can be very beautiful. But as far as the soul is concerned, which evolves, grows only through much experience, only an old man can be beautiful.

Rarely it happens, because rarely are people aware; rarely do people live through life with meditation. Otherwise no young man can compete with the beauty of an old man. The beauty of an old man has a grace to it, a depth; a young man's beauty is shallow, on the surface, just skin deep.

An old man's beauty has a depth in it-- you go in and in and in and you never come to the bottom of it.”

Tao, The Three Treasures 1-9

Jin-Hoo Park